So can I ask a question?…


Why is this:

Getting more attention than this:

Why is this acceptable?

Why isn’t this blown up on the news as much as celebrity domestic violence?

That seems absolutely absurd.

Because they’re on a mission to neuter and destroy the black man. Zimmerman did not get this immediate backclash from the media. They instead made an innocent boy Trayvon Martin the “perpetrator.” Same thing with Eric Garner and Mike Brown. The double standards of who to punish in this country is sickening. Fuck You America!!!

"Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, hello white America, assassinate my character."
- Kanye West

9-8-2014: Ray Rice and the Nexus of White Suprema…:

Its a shameful day when black people are quick to allow white America to chew their brothers and sisters out. You have never seen white people throwing each other under the bus and letting black folks decide their fate.

Now understand me, I’m not saying what Ray Rice did was acceptable. But do you see the double standard that is seeping out of this country.

Look at this year alone how many of our people got gunned down solely for being black. Have y’all observe how the media tried to defend the shooters in codes. RWS would not allow for us to immediately punish/ seek justice against their own. But us black people, we have some treacherous traitors in our midst ready to sell out because negropeans want to get patted on the head by their massa. This will be a long fight.

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