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Sweet Meekness
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Hey! My name is Aisha. I am just the quiet girl next door with big dreams.

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A worldly problem is merely a reflection of an inner problem. One cannot exist without the other. So fix yourself, and the world will fix itself.

— His Royal Fabiolousness (via fabio-charles-christ-the-second)

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Bonus Cartoons of the Day- Growing Up Black In America
Steve Sack

Bill Day

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People All Up On My Youtube Comments - “Stop calling mixed people black. We’d be better off in this society if they weren’t black.”

Or how about you stop telling people how they should identify and admit there are different kinds of black people through various backgrounds and cultures? We’d be…

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So called integration didn’t work.
Nation building is the priority.
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Teen’s Video About Wearing Suit & Ties To Defy Black Male Stereotypes Goes Viral

This is an inspiring story of a few teens who got tired of constantly seeing the negative stereotypes that the media has a habit of attributing to young, black males so they decided to do something about it! Check it out below…

Suited and Booted! Roland Martin spoke with high school student Hayden Hinton and counselor Tiffany Gholson about an inspiring video making the rounds on the Internet.

Black male students at Illinois’ Central High School put together “Suit & Tie in the 217″ to offer a counter-narrative for young black men. For Black History Month, they released a video of students dressed to the nines with the messages “we are not gangsters and thugs,” “we are employees and volunteers,” “we are scholars” and “we are athletes.”

“The negative stories told daily in the media and in our culture about our young African-American men tend to ignore their successes and don’t tell the full story about how young Black men are becoming leaders within our community schools,” said Central High counselor Tiffany Gholson, who worked with the students on the effort. “In this video, our students reclaim the narrative of who they are and inspire other students to follow in their footsteps.” – Via NewsOne

Props to these teens for taking the initiative to combat all the negative images of young, black males that we are flooded with daily by replacing it with some more positive images! Keep up the good work fellas!


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Y'all I just love black men.


Like, black men are just on a whole different level.

Strong, beautiful, smart, and have the ability to succeed to in a society that ultimately is built in a way that makes it difficult for them to prosper.

Black men are GODS among this earth. I support y’all (:

But I’m just going to say if you…

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I’m black first.. my sympathies are black, my allegiance is black, my whole objectives are black… I am not interested in being American, because America has never been interested in me.

— Malcolm X (via mooramani)

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