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Sweet Meekness
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Hey! My name is Aisha. I am just the quiet girl next door with big dreams.

What White people need to understand about ANACONDA


I’ve been seeing a lot of “Why do Iggy and Miley get heat for culturally appropriating from black people but when Nicki does it it’s okay”

The main thing here is that Nicki is NOT culturally appropriating. This is her culture, her identity as a curvy black woman not something she can jump in and…

Now I’m not gonna disagree with the whites women culturally appropriating us. But my gripe is why do we glorify, such ratchet hoe behavior? What would black females like Nina Simone, Dr. Cress-Welsing or Sharazad Ali think. After they have given US, black females the blueprints, in their books, to regard ourselves as the queens we once were, you know before we were stripped of our throne/dignity. We have to offset the white woman and her confused ass by being higher than her. If she wants to dress so ho-ishly while shaking her non ass ass, let her but we have to set our standards for our womanhood and acting like a slut for the world to see is not black womanhood.

Hollywood Whorehouse: http://youtu.be/Gv80Cx0cYM4

Zane Vs Civilized Man —- Why Bestselling Author …: http://youtu.be/cBmkUYbw1c8

ELEVATING WHITE WOMEN 10th Oct 09: http://youtu.be/Jrx_UGm3EcU

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White folks are crazy




They sympathize with hunger games and their horrible fictional dystopia but shit has been hell for black people in America suffering but justify shit left and right
Book characters get more sympathy then real people

Bruh they sympathize with: 





oh and dogs

anyone and anything fictional and non human 

but black people? nah

and latinos

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Brothers and sisters we have to all do this. 0 notesReblog
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this is the entire police situation in america in 6 seconds. 

White people are the problem

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Hey guys I need your help spreading this on social media so our people in Ferguson can defend themselves from attacks from the police.

Dealing with Riot Control Agents
Applies to CN/CS. Hopefully, those fuckers don’t have BZ.
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I have no desire to be “new black”. Being “just” Black is more than good enough for me.

new black just simply mean black lackeys on steroids. new black means cooning.

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oh lord

someone tell this wailing pothead to STFU!!! 500 YEARS LATER AND YOU STILL WANT US TO “LOVE AND PRAY.”MISS ME WITH THAT MIND WARPED BULLSHIT. 3,623 notesReblog

RIP Michael Brown
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— Pretty Much Everyone Right Now (via heroes-get-made)

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"The mother needs to show restrain."

You took away her pride and joy which is her son from the earth without proper justification and you’re asking this? Do you really lack the ability to comprehend emotion or do you just want to be a troll? 

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